Why Leasing is the Best way to finance business equipment

When you're planning on financing a business equipment purchase, you have many options. Leasing is often the best. Here's why:

  • FROM YOUR BUSINESS 101 CLASS:  Buy things that appreciate and lease things that depreciate.
  • PROTECT YOURSELF:  Lease financing, in most cases, does NOTshow on your personal credit, and/or credit bureaus.  This will allow you to keep your revolving debt low, giving you the ability to purchase more if needed without having lower credit scores, and possibly more headaches!
  • GREAT TAX NEWS:  Your lease payments can be deducted as a business operating expense, in most cases, reducing the net cost of your lease for the term of your contract.  HUGE SAVINGS!   
  • PAY FOR IT AS IT PAYS YOU:  You would not pay your employees four or five years in advance.  Why should you pay for your equipment in advance?  Pay for it as it earns you money.  This is the opportunity that leasing will give you.
  • KNOW WHAT YOU OWE:  Having consistent, fixed payments throughout the term of your lease will help you to accurately budget equipment dollars, while financing options with floating interest rates will always keep you guessing.
  • FREEDOM TO CHOOSE:  We provide you with opportunity to choose.  At the conclusion of your lease, you may purchase the equipment at the stated dollar amount (usually $1), continue your lease at a lower monthly rate, or simply return the equipment with no further obligation.
  • YOU CAN GET IT ALL:  Leasing provides 100% financing by including a specific amount of soft costs (including installation, freight, extended warranties) in your transaction, unlike most traditional financing sources.
  • SAVE YOUR CASH:  By leasing your equipment, and avoiding a sizable cash outlay, you can conserve your on-hand capital for more important uses, such as investments, inventory, personnel and advertising.  Plus most leases only require 2 payments in advance unlike a bank loan that will require 20% or more.
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