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A partnership with H.I.L. FINANCIAL gives you the benefits of an internal finance company without the cost and risk.  We act as your financial arm, working with your customer to structure the best finance plan for him or her. We handle all of the details, leaving your people free to get more business.  We give you a cash sale with no contingent exposure, AND we pay you within one day of verification of equipment delivery.

Close More Deals - H.I.L. FINANCIAL's Large Credit Appetite

Feel confident that most clients you speak with will be approved with H.I.L. FINANCIAL.  We operate nationally through a network of private financial sources not generally available to the public.  Many transactions are funded internally and the rest are placed with funding partners who offer the best possible rates and programs.  As a result of this multiple source capability, there is no transaction or program too big or too complicated for us to undertake.

We Work Closely to Understand Your Needs

The only guaranteed success with a vendor program is communication - and that is what we do best.  We listen to the unique needs of your business and create a custom vendor program that ensures a successful partnership.

Custom Lease Programs

With decades of combined lease experience, our Account Executives and Vendor Integration specialists can create custom lease programs that will appeal directly to your customer base.

Control the Sale

Should you help them with their financing challenges?  Absolutely. If you don't, you run the risk of delays and lost sales.

Shopping for money is confusing.  Your customer has to sort out bank loan agreements, lease contracts, cap reduction riders, purchase options, capital leases, true leases, equipment finance agreements, upgrade options and TRACs.  Additionally, they must compare rates and pricing alternatives in an industry where complex rate structures and add on fees are the norm. Therefore, rather than allowing your customer to struggle or time for your competitor to entice them, partner with H.I.L. FINANCIAL to create an ideal business process.

Getting Started with H.I.L. FINANCIAL

To find out more about putting us to work for you, simply contact an experienced H.I.L. FINANCIAL Account Executive and Vendor Integration Specialist.  They will design a specialized lease program for you, provide you with sales and marketing materials, familiarize your staff with the procedures and be available to work with your sales people and with your clients.

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